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Alex  // Posts published by Alex

26 Jan Posted by | No comments
27 Dec Posted by | No comments

Our new T-Shirt with 100+ uses. It’s for everyone.

Not long ago, we acquired a ton of men’s large navy blue T-Shirts, but obviously not everyone wears that size. What’s great about larger T-Shirts, though, is that there are so many things that you can transform them into: a dress, tote bag, pillow case, patch, dog bandana, etc. Here’s a link to a Pinterest...


04 Dec Posted by | No comments

New Feature On STAY VOCAL & Free Shipping Deal

It’s pretty awesome when people who work for the company that provides our online store solution are actually fans of what we’re doing AND want to feature us on their site! Check out their blog post here. And as a special thank you to CoreCommerce and to all of our customers, you can enjoy FREE...


24 Nov Posted by | No comments

Small Business Saturday!

Have you heard about Small Business Saturday? I actually hadn’t heard about it until this past week, but it did only start in 2010. Basically, it’s a day dedicated to supporting small businesses nationwide. We hope that today you’ll choose to support rad small businesses, like us! Thanks everybody and have a great Saturday! The...


18 Nov Posted by | No comments

The Story Behind STAY VOCAL’s “Equali-Tee”

Alex explains the inspiration behind the “Equali-Tee” design. Watch the video and then head over to the SV shop to see this new line of ReUse Apparel.


14 Nov Posted by | No comments

Quick 1-Day Fundraiser To Help “Kick The Crap” Out Of Crohn’s Disease

For over 20 years, my sister in law, Judi, has been battling Crohn’s disease. For those that don’t know what it is, it’s a painful, incurable illness that causes inflammation in the digestive system. Since I first met her, I’ve seen her go through a lot of pain, numerous medical procedures and finally a colectomy,...


13 Sep Posted by | No comments

Never Aired STAY VOCAL Radio Ad Featuring Darkest Hour

In 2009, Paul Burnette from the metal band Darkest Hour recorded a radio ad for STAY VOCAL that was supposed to air on an online metal radio station. It never did. Well, it’s been sitting collecting virtual dust for long enough. It’s time for everyone to enjoy this humorous story about Paul and I…


03 Sep Posted by | No comments

Time To Celebrate – For A Week!

Thanks to the suggestion of some of our customers, we’ve decided to celebrate our 9th Anniversary all week leading up to the actual date, Sunday 9/9.  Here’s just a glimpse of what’s going on: Free Shipping through 9/9 on any US or Canada order over $19.99 Random surprises all week long Share a photo of...


13 Aug Posted by | No comments

Who’s Heading Back To School?

Going back to school or have a child that is? Well, here you go! Why are we offering such a huge discount on all of this great stuff? We know how expensive books, sneakers, used scientific calculators, and other school supplies are, but still want you to be able to make STAY VOCAL part of...


09 Aug Posted by | No comments

9 Year Anniversary On 9/9! How Should We Party?

In one month, STAY VOCAL will be celebrating its 9th anniversary! Yep. It’s been 9 years since I came up with the crazy idea for a positive change brand in my post surgery state. Well, I want to know how YOU think we should celebrate. New Merch? Sales? Reusable confetti made from T-Shirts?  Share your...