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Help Spread The Word Of “The Green Dragon”

04 Mar Posted by | 9 comments

The Green DragonEarlier tonight, I saw a disturbing video that essentially condemns everything that I’m doing with STAY VOCAL, everything I’m doing with the reuse movement, and everything environmentalists are doing everywhere. The Religious Right calls us collectively “The Green Dragon.” Well, if that means trying to make the planet a better and long lasting place for ourselves and future generations, then I am proud to spread the word of The Green Dragon.

To help spread the word, we just launched The Green Dragon ReUse T-Shirt. If you support ReUse and every other step to make this planet healthier, then please, proudly wear The Green Dragon on your chest.

And finally, here is the video I saw. You can judge for yourself who really are the “dangerous ones.” I find it ironic that not only is the woman’s backdrop a very “environmental” setting, but her last words were, “the magnificent planet God entrusted to us.” Well, that would mean entrusted to us to take care of, right?


The Green Dragon T-Shirt




  • Kaitlyn says:

    thanks alex, i really needed a good laugh. nice tees btw.

  • Linda says:

    I’m glad I don’t live that far south! When will people wake up? Love the dragon!

  • oscar says:

    green dragon all the way!!!

  • crystal says:

    HARK! Spread the word to the villagers! It’s the GREEN DRAGON! If ye have faith run for thy lives!!!!

  • Jen says:

    WOW. Way to make Christians and Christianity look bad/EVIL. I SUPPORT THE GREEN DRAGON AND I BELIEVE IN GOD.

  • enrique says:

    i love how the leader of Focus on the Family is saying that we need to listen to science! rofl!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • action says:

    i’ll be wearing this shirt to church!

  • Nelly says:

    Painful to watch and an insult to anybody remotely religious.

  • This is absurd! First of all I am a Christian, lover and follower of Jesus Christ! The bible specifically calls us to be ‘good stewards’ and I believe it is not just of money, but or bodies and God’s wonderful creation… the earth!

    Secondly, No specific details are mentioned as to how these opinions are formed which is discouraging. Yes unfortunately there is some bad science like with many issues, however it is our jobs as consumers and children of God to properly research the issues and act in the way God calls us to!

    Hmmm… I’m wondering if they were paid by Monsanto?!

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