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STAY VOCAL All Star: Kayle Martin, Vegan and Two-Time Cancer Cowgirl

28 Aug Posted by | 1 comment

Today begins a new chapter on our blog. STAY VOCAL is not just a brand selling T-Shirts to customers. Together, we are a community. And collectively, we ARE the voice of a progressive, positive world. This interview series features members of our community who are passionately staying vocal about a social issue important to them.

1. How did you first hear about STAY VOCAL?Kayle Martin - STAY VOCAL All Star

I first heard about Stay Vocal in person, actually. I was attending the Music in the Meadow event at Animal Place (a local sanctuary for farmed animals in my hometown in Northern California) a couple years ago and met the vivacious and rad founder, Alex Eaves, himself at the Stay Vocal booth.

2. What’s the main social issue that you stay vocal about and how do you do it?

I am the Founder and Chief Cowgirl of Cowgirls & Collard Greens a cowgirl-themed vegan lifestyle website. The website focuses on my journey with breast cancer and how a vegan diet aided in my wellness and recovery. I write a weekly blog that focuses on review restaurants, vegan events, vegan products and and lots of food. My hope is to spread the message of health and wellness through a plant-based diet.

3. Why is that issue passionate to you?

Living healthfully is important to me because there was a time when I was in a health crisis myself and I discovered if you don’t have your health, you don’t have much of anything. I want to see everyone live long, healthy lives all the while doing the best for our planet and all of its inhabitants.

4. Do you have something specific that you’d like to share with the SV community: art, song, video, etc?

I’d love to share my favorite cancer-kicking fully raw and vegan green juice recipe! Check out my YouTube video where I was featured on The Vegan Zombie’s cooking show.

5. So, as you may know, it takes 400 gallons of water just to grow the cotton for 1 new T-Shirt. If you had that much water to use, what would you do with it instead?

Great question! Since I am a huge advocate of eating healthy through plants, I think I would use that 400 gallons of water to grow my own food instead. I already have a small veganic summer garden, but I’d love to expand it and grow fruits and veggies throughout the entire year. I think we should all be getting back to growing our own food as much as possible.

6. Besides wearing our shirts, how do you reuse in your daily life?

I reuse a lot in my daily life! I use Mason jars a lot to store food and drinks instead of using plastic. I am the queen of never taking a paper or plastic bag at the grocery store (that’s what a big ol’ vegan purse is for!). And, since I am a lover of fashion, always have been, but one of my favorite things to do is shop in vintage and thrift stores for “new” threads!

JFK Reusing Is Wicked Pissah Design7. What’s your favorite SV design of all time?

Hmmm…call me old school, but I think I have to say the JFK design. A true classic.

8. If you could design a T-Shirt for STAY VOCAL, what would it have on it?

Well, funny you should ask because Alex and I have talked about maybe doing a collaboration. I think my tee design would have to include a horse on it. It’s a must! Or maybe a (vegan) cowgirl of sorts.

9. Any last words?

I so appreciate being able to share a bit of my passion and just want to give a shout out to Alex and Stay Vocal for being so RAD! Keep on being rad. For folks who are interested in what I am up to, they can find more information on my website:

Thanks and yeehaw!


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