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STAY VOCAL All Star: Monica Rosquillas, Girl For A Clean World

25 Nov Posted by | No comments

STAY VOCAL is not just a brand selling T-Shirts to customers. Together, we are a community. And collectively, we ARE the voice of a progressive, positive world. This interview series features members of our community who are passionately staying vocal about a social issue important to them.

1. How did you first hear about STAY VOCAL?STAY VOCAL All Star Monica Rosquillas

I think I first heard about Stay Vocal after meeting Alex through social media. After clicking on a few links, I found the Stay Vocal website.

2. What’s the main social issue that you stay vocal about and how do you do it?

I’m very interested in all things relating to environmental conservation. The issue I’m probably most passionate about is litter and waste reduction; particularly plastic waste. I work as an environmental educator for I Love A Clean San Diego, a non profit organization, and for my job I travel to different schools almost every day hoping to inspire students to become environmental stewards and protect their local watersheds. After doing this for about 2 years, I started thinking about how I wanted to spread the message to more people, not just students but to my friends, strangers, everybody! I figured an easy and fun way to reach a large audience would be through social media, so I started an instagram account, @girlforacleanworld. The goal of my account is to hopefully inspire my friends and others to live a more sustainable lifestyle. On it, I share information on environmental issues and I also share environmentally friendly ways in which I live my life.

3. Why is that issue passionate to you?

I’ve always cared a lot about our environment but in the last few years I’ve become more aware of trash, where it goes, the recycling process, plastic pollution, consumerism, etc. I think it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed and hopeless when you hear about all the terrible things that are happening to our environment, but this is something that I have control over and I can choose to do. Reducing by reusing, avoiding single use plastics and collecting litter every now is then is very easy and makes an impact. I like sharing my lifestyle with others and it feels great when others share with me how they’ve made environmentally friendly choices.

4. Do you have something specific that you’d like to share with the SV community: art, song, video, etc?

Monica Rosquillas - I Feel So Trashy

Read The Story Here

5. So, as you may know, it takes 400 gallons of water just to grow the cotton for 1 new T-Shirt. If you had that much water to use, what would you do with it instead?

Good question! I live in San Diego, California, where we import about 90% of our water. The water we use travels all the way from Northern California and the Colorado River. Since I don’t have a garden, I guess I’d ration it and use for every day things like showers, toilet, drinking, and cleaning. Not very exciting, but I think it’s practical.

6. Besides wearing our shirts, how do you reuse in your daily life?

I reuse all the time. I bring reusable bags to the store, I reuse tomato sauce jars for things like bulk beans and rice, I reuse shampoo and lotion bottles, and I reuse glass bottles.

REUSE! Documentary Helping Hands T-Shirt7. What’s your favorite SV design of all time?

The one I’m wearing in the picture! (REUSE! Helping Hands)

8. If you could design a T-Shirt for STAY VOCAL, what would it have on it?

I had to think about this for a while. It’s hard to choose. I’d probably design one with an ocean theme and animals; a fish or a whale. There’s a lot of plastic in the ocean, jeopardizing the health of our whole planet. The solution to most of the single use plastics that end up in the ocean is simple: Reusables!


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